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The riches of buckwheat štruklji and guided wine tasting at the Zdolšek tourist farm, a house of tradition from 1824

A recommended part of the  culinary journey  The Zdolšek House, a House of Tradition, provides for  guests who are seeking privacy, comfort, peace, relaxation, authenticity  and the finest quality tourist services. The farm is ranked among those  which do not partake in mass tourism, but rather offer boutique  tourism. The farm's activities are centred around agriculture and  viticulture. An inscription bearing the date 1824 on the stone entrance  portal bears testament to the age of the house. There is a large garden  with walnut trees and an orchard in front of the house. The food offered  to guests is not of the classic type, but rather reflects the  authenticity of the homemade, but special cuisine. Wine from the farm's  own wine cellar is offered to accompany dishes. The quality of the  Zdolšek tourist farm's offer for guests is demonstrated by its rating as  a four-apple tourist farm. Elements of tradition and homeliness, which  give it a special appeal, are conditions for the farm's inclusion in the  European network of Houses of Tradition  (  Programme: Hospitable members of the  farm will greet you with a welcome treat – buckwheat bread with walnuts  and yellow muscat wine – and present a short introduction about the farm  and its tourist activities. This will be followed by a culinary  experience in the part of the house which was once the central family  gathering area in the almost 200-year old building. As part of the  farm's tourist activities you will enjoy a rich, delicious lunch,  prepared entirely from home-produced ingredients and cooked according to  the ideas and recipes of the housewife Milena, ably assisted by her  son, Jure, who has taken over the tourist activities at the farm.  Alongside the main courses, amongst other dishes you will be offered the  house special, baked buckwheat štruklji (dumplings) served in a clay  dish, and for dessert, baked apples with a walnut and honey filling. The  owner of the farm, Martin, will then lead you into the family wine  cellar for a tasting of three different kinds of wine. An imposing lime  tree stands next to the wine cellar, under which you can sit and enjoy  the sounds of our most precious allies – bees from the nearby beehive –  and relax and enjoy the views of the green surroundings. This pleasant  social experience will be enhanced by Jure playing on one of his  instruments (guitar, accordion, baritone horn or trombone). Recommended  time of year: all-year Wine may be purchased at the farm.  Price of the  four-hour experience, which includes sampling of three wines and a rich  lunch, and is valid for groups of 10 people or more: 20 euros per  person.  Guests who would like to spend a day or so in the privacy of  the nearby surroundings, are offered accommodation in a house next to  the vineyard in Vrh nad Šmarjem, eight kilometres from the Zdolšek farm.  Six to seven people can be accommodated there. A sauna, a choice of  wine from the small house cellar, delivery of homemade hot and cold food  are all available, and the experience is enhanced by magical panoramic  views of Šmarje pri Jelšah and Sveti Rok.   The hosts will be happy to  accommodate your wishes and prepare other unforgettable experiences for  your group (bread baking courses for small groups, gifts, delivery of  hot and cold food to your home etc.). We welcome your call and visit.


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Tourist farm Zdolšek, hiša s tradicijo 1824  Milena Zdolšek Okrog 16  3232 Ponikva   Tel.: +386 (0)3 748 22 50, +386 (0)41 208 827

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