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Specialities of the Klemenšek Alpine farm above the Logar Valley

Recommended part of the culinary journey From the Alps to the Hills of Zagorje

Best time to visit: early April to early July, September to November

Recommended prior activities: see the Logarska dolina landscape park

Duration of activities at the Klemenšek farm: four hours, arrival at about 1 p.m.

If you take a tour of the Logar Valley in the morning hours, you may get a different perspective of the same from about noon at the Klemenšek farm. At an altitude of 1,100 m, the Klemenšek Alpine farm is an excellent starting point for hikes, viewing the landscape and enjoying the refreshing mountain air.

Immediately after leaving the Logarska dolina landscape park, you will be met by farm owner Daniel Klemenšek, a local tourist guide, who will describe life on Alpine farms to you as you make your way along the panoramic road.

When you arrive at the farm, you will be greeted with a shot of home-made blueberry schnapps, dandelion blossom juice, refreshing water from their own source and canapés with traditionally made dried meats.

Lunch will be served after a morning walk in the Logar Valley. The lunch is prepared by housewife Janja on a wood-fired stove. Three of the walls in the dining area are made of glass, giving you a breathtaking view of the peaks and steep hillsides of the Olševa, Raduha, Strelovec, Krofička, Ojstrica, Škarje and Planjava mountains while you eat.

The lunch consists of mushroom soup with buckwheat žganci (crumbly polenta) and cottage cheese štruklji (dumplings) with a fruits of the forest topping. Judita will describe the meals briefly before the lunch is served.

After lunch, we recommend a walk with your hosts to the source of the mineral water, rich in iron and natural CO2, about 900 m away. This is an hour of very casual walking for the return trip along a panoramic macadam road, including stops at which Daniel will describe the sights. Most of the road is level and is suitable for children and older persons.

Right at the beginning of the walk, a broad view of the entire Logar Valley, Matkov kot, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and neighbouring mountains opens up above the farm. Here you can take photos of the unforgettable vistas of glacial valleys surrounded by spruce forests, the sheer cliffs of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and green, blossoming meadows – breath-taking panoramic perspectives as seen in numerous tourist brochures.

The wind that blows in this section of the panoramic road is the same as is used to cure the traditionally prepared dried meats.

The route down the panoramic road continues through a spruce forest. At one section of the road you will be able to see the meadows of the Krofičevo Alpine pasture. You will be able to take a break at the mineral water source, drink some water and listen to a story about the source and its waters. Feel free to fill your water bottles here.

After the walk, you may buy some delicious dried meats from Judita, who has a national vocational training certificate for traditional meat processing:

Klemenč šinek,

Klemenč želodec,

Klemenč sausages,

Klemenč cracklings, and

Klemenč pâté.

Only the best pork and beef cuts, bacon, salt from Piran, sugar, pepper and garlic water are used in the preparation of the želodec cured meat. The meats are cured for five to six months. Every day, the meats are turned, cleaned and the humidity and temperature are monitored. The cured meats are made exclusively from animals bred on the farm – Slovenian landrace pigs and cika cattle.

After lunch, we recommend that you ask Daniel to show you the collection of old farming equipment which is housed in the outbuilding. It will provide a good illustration of what farming looked like in the time of our forebears and present a part of the rich family tradition of this Alpine farm.

The price for this four-hour experience and lunch is EUR 15.50 per person for groups of more than 20 people.

The hosts will be happy to cater to your needs and prepare other memorable experiences for your group. Your call and visit will be warmly received.


Information and reservation:

Tourist farm Klemenšek

Judita in Daniel Klemenšek

Logarska Dolina 29

3335 Solčava

Tel.: +386 (0)3 838 90 24, +386 (0)41 593 715šek

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