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Soržev mlin near Vojnik still uses grinding stones

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From kernel… to flour

The Soržev mlin (Sorž Mill) tourist farm is, amongst other things, a teaching farm. The farmstead has a working mill and Venetian saw, both water-powered. The entire farm has been declared a cultural monument due to its ancient but well-preserved buildings – a toplar hayrack, the renovated miller's house, an apiary and a barn. The farmstead is part of the European “Houses with Tradition” network.

The farm’s ethnological and cultural heritage and traditional farming methods are under the charge of farm owner Oton, who cares for these heirlooms with great sensitivity and respect, and who will always be happy to talk about them to his visitors.

The exceptional understanding for this heritage and numerous well-preserved historical tools and other objects give the farm additional appeal.

These objects can be found all over the farm, inside the buildings and outside.

Soržev mlin farm has been practising organic farming for several years. The farming is primarily agricultural and grain is ground in the farm’s own mill. There are several domestic animals on the farm, including chickens, cockerels, guinea fowl, ducks and a cat or two that catch any mice in the mill.

The farmhouse doorway has been open to visitors for over two decades. There are programmes for kindergartens, primary, and secondary schools, as well as for students of ethnology, cultural anthropology and architecture. The educational topics are interesting for adults as well, many of whom may still remember a similar lifestyle in their youth, whilst others will become familiar with age-old traditional cottage industries.

Farm owner Oton describes, with much wit and humour, how these traditional activities have become incorporated into the modern age.


Day 1

Your arrival at the farm in the evening hours will be followed by a short presentation of the programme, after which you will check into your rustic apartments.

The farm has three apartments with a total of nine beds in the bedrooms and an extra four beds in the living rooms. In addition, there is the former miller's house with 11 beds in three rooms. All of the apartment are very well furnished. Children’s beds and a cot are also available. The farmstead can accommodate a total of 24 persons at the same time.

Day 2

After breakfast, Oton will take you around the farm, recounting its history and describing the various objects, farming methods and other interesting facts. The tour ends at the mill, where you will be shown different types of wheat grain, the process of milling and told stories from the past.

Later, you will be shown the old miller’s house, where you will be able to sample some home-made specialities. You will also be given flour to take to the Urška tourist farm, where you will learn how to bake bread.

After returning from the Urška tourist farm, you will be seated next to an open hearth to roast chestnuts and bake potatoes and apples (depending on the season).

Day 3

You will depart after breakfast to embark on new adventures.

Recommended months: March, April, May, September, October

Rates (2 nights with breakfast, tour of the farm, sampling domestic specialities and baking at the open hearth): EUR 60 per person for groups of more than 20 people.

The hosts will be happy to cater to your needs and prepare other memorable experiences for your group. Your call and visit will be warmly received.


Information and reservation:

Tourist farm Soržev mlin

Oton Samec

Polže 1

3203 Nova Cerkev

+386 (0) 3 781 25 42, +386 (0)41 571 473,

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