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Kozjansko Apple Festival in Podsreda

Recommended part of the culinary journey From the Alps to the Hills of Zagorje

Date of event: second weekend of October

Recommended prior activities: see The Apples of Kozjansko Park 

Duration of activities at the farm: optional but no less than three to four hours, arrival from 10 a.m.

Since 2000, Podsreda has hosted the Kozjansko Apple Festival on the second weekend of October. The two-day event attracts about 15,000 visitors from all parts of Slovenia to the well-preserved medieval square. Organic produce and cottage industry products are on sale at more than 140 stands. Food and drink are served and cultural events are held in a marquee throughout the day.

Kozjansko is renowned for its efforts to preserve traditional and indigenous varieties of apple and pear trees from meadow orchards. The carjevič, bobovec, reneta, voščenka and kanadka varieties are but a handful of the more than 100 apple varieties which, together with 50 pear varieties, are grown in the orchards of Kozjansko park not far from Podsreda.

The fair with a soul, as the organisers and visitors are fond of calling it, sells apples for winter stores, freshly pressed apple juice from preservative- and pesticide-free apples and a variety of other products from organic farms in the Kozjansko region and other parts of Slovenia.

Practically every visitor tries the apple strudel, which is available on many stands. It can also be freshly made before your very eyes and eaten hot.

You may also try your hand at baking – cooks in pairs prepare the dough and filling then roll and bake the pastry in front of other visitors. A jury then has to make a sweet but difficult decision and declare the best “Strudel Master”.

If you would like to participate in a contest but are not handy at making pastry, there are many other options. Apple peeling contests are held in the marquee during breaks between the shows of local vocal and instrumental bands. The longest peel from a single apple wins. Tools and equipment are provided and it may be prudent to hone your skills at home by practicing a little. The most skilful contestants are able to make peels well beyond three metres in length and the long-standing record is 540 centimetres, held by a multiple winner.

Cyclists can join the Apple on a Bicycle tour (Z jabkom na kolo) through the picturesque Kozjansko landscape. A well-attended traditional hike to the Kozjansko orchards is held a week before the festival takes place.

More information on the landscape park Kozjanski regijski park is available at: 

The hosts will be happy to cater to your needs and prepare other memorable experiences for your group. Your call and visit will be warmly received.


Information and reservation:

Javni zavod Kozjanski park

Podsreda 45

3257 Podsreda

Tel.: +386 (0)3 800 71 00


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