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Picnic weekend by the Savinja River on the Bukovje tourist farm

The Bukovje tourist farm, which has a long tradition, is located beside  the regional road between Ljubno and Luče from where there is a  beautiful view of Mt. Raduha. Ten years ago the 120-year old house,  which stays pleasantly cool during the summer, was enhanced by adding  guest accommodation. The farm offers lunches and dinners for special  occasions and meetings, with an emphasis on dishes typical of the Upper  Savinja region, whilst in the upper part of the house there are five  well-appointed rooms with 13 beds and a group area with kitchen.   Programme  Day One  Arrival at the farm in the afternoon where the  housewife, Alenka, will welcome you with homemade aronia brandy, apple  juice and apple wine.  You will stay in the farm's well-appointed rooms.  Take time to look around the farm before dinner. If you are interested  in animals and farm work, you can also help the owner, Marko, “drive”  the cows to the cowshed or gather clover for the pigs.  After dinner,  which is prepared using mainly ingredients produced on the farm, the  family will make a short presentation about the farm and the programme  for the coming two days.   Day Two   For breakfast you will be offered  aromatic white coffee, or tea made from herbs picked in the  surroundings. There is a selection of homemade jam, honey, grbčev   spread, mohot (a curd cheese spread) or cheese spread with chives, and  you can sample some of the cured meat prepared by the owner Marko, such  as traditional homemade pig’s stomach, sausages, salami, and pork neck.   The Savinja river is in close proximity and is ideal for fly-fishing or  just for taking a rest by the crystal clear water. At the farm you will  receive a leaflet about the Savinja. If you are keen on water sports,  you can go rafting to nearby Jakob or Prodnik. On hot summer days,  swimming in the clear river is pleasant and refreshing.  In the  afternoon you could have a picnic by the river with a basket of homemade  goodies: bread, Bukovje pig’s stomach, salami, baked ham and mohot,  apple strudel, apple juice, or apple wine.  In the evening Alenka will  take care of her hungry and tired guests with a dinner cooked using  home-produced seasonal ingredients. Later in the evening you can join  the hosts around a campfire beside the river to roast new potatoes,  chestnuts, or, in the autumn, corn, and sing and make merry to guitar  accompaniment.  Day Three  After breakfast you can go by car to see the  source of the Savinja river in the Logar Valley and experience the might  of the Rinka waterfall. In Ljubno ob Savinji, the cradle of timber  rafting, annually on the first Sunday in August you can experience an  unforgettable journey on a timber raft.        Price of the three-day  programme per person: 75 euros, tourist tax: 1 euro per person per day.  Programme includes: -  2 x half board (accommodation in rooms of the  four-apple category rating) - socialising around a campfire -   presentation of the farm, activities on the farm  A picnic by the  Savinja river with a basket of homemade goodies costs 10 euros for 2  people. Children up to the age of 5 stay free, from age 5–12 half the  usual price is charged.    Information and reservation:   Tourist farm  Bukovje  Alenka Korpnik  Primož pri Ljubnem 79  3333 Ljubno  Tel.: +386  (0)3 838 14 16  E- pošta:

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