Makov genjeni retaš

Stretched dough 400 g fine flour, 1 egg, ¼ teaspoon salt, approx 1 dl  lukewarm water, 1 tablespoon melted, hardly lukewarm butter or  margarine, 1 tablespoon sour cream, 120 g yeast. Knead even, a bit  softer dough. Make a loaf, put it on a wheat-sprinkled cloth and cover  it so it does not get the crust. Let it rest in a warm place for 30  minutes. Dry poppy seed filling 300 g well grounded poppy seeds, 100 g  sugar, 1 bag of vanilla sugar, a bit of cinnamon. Cream topping 0,5 dl  white oil or margarine, 2 dl sour cream, 1 egg. Whisk the whole eggs  with the cream. Stretch the dough on the sharp wheat-sprinkled cloth  until it is 1 cm thick and table formed. Stretch it with the hands as  thin as possible in shape of a middle sized kitchen table avoiding the  holes. Sprinkle the dry poppy seed filling on the surface and drip it  with the cream topping. Cut away the thick edge of the dough with a  blunt knife or tear it with hands. Roll it tightly with the help of the  cloth until the thick edge of the dough is reached and then cutaway. Cut  the roll in the size of a baking pan using the edge of a plate; put the  rolls in the greased baking pan not to close together. Before put in  the oven glaze it with the rest of the cream and egg and bake at 230°C.  When golden, lower the temperature to 200°C and bake it until the end.  Cut it when it cools down a bit. Sprinkle with sugar before serving, if  desired.

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