Nettle soup

V današnjem času vedno redkeje srečujemo koprive, ki rastejo v naravi ob robovih gozdov, rek in njiv. Nabiramo le njihove vršičke in najbolje je, da pri tem uporabimo rokavice. So z železom bogata in vsestransko uporabna rastlina, iz katere lahko pripravimo tudi juho po spodnjem receptu.

Nowadays, nettles growing naturally along the edges of forests, rivers or fields are a rare sight. For eating, it is best to only pick their buds using gloves in the process. The nettle is a very versatile plant rich in iron, which can be used for soup following the recipe below.

Ingredients to serve four:

  • • 250 grams potatoes
  • • 100 grams young nettle buds
  • • medium sized onion
  • • a little oil
  • • salt
  • • pepper

Peel and dice the potatoes. Peel the onion, then chop and sauté in oil. Add potatoes, pour in water and cook until soft.

Add whole nettle buds. Cook for a maximum of 3 minutes. Mix with a hand blender.

Add salt and pepper to taste. Add a bit of sour cream to taste.

Serve with bread.

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