Beef, Pork and Venision stew

Ingredients for 5 persons: 350 g beef flank 350 g venison (female or  male deer) 350 g pork but 500 g onions 25 g garlic 0,5 dl oil or fat 25 g  grounded red paprika 250 g fresh tomatoes 200 g fresh bell peppers 500 g  potatoes 2 dl red wine (modra frankinja – Blue Franconia) bay leaf,  thyme, rosemary, Peperoncini, salt, pepper, cumin Preparation method Fry  chopped onions in fat, add grounded red paprika and pour in water. Then  add the beef chopped in cubes and the spices. When the beef is braised  half way through, add cut venison and after a while pork but. After  braising for additional 15 minutes add sliced potatoes and vegetables.  Cook until soft. To make the stew thicker, add potatoes cut in small  slices or a mixture of flour and water. More wine and spices may be  added, if desired. The stew (Bograč) was named after the dish it was  cooked in above the open fire. It is a very old dish and has been made  in ancient times but later omitted due to lack of meat. Nowadays the  tradition of preparing “Bograč” is still very much alive among the  Prekmurje people. The preparation method is mysterious, and that is  where the unique charm comes from. The Prekmurje peple proudly tell that  Bograč contains a lot of meat (at least three types), giving it its  special taste, and potatoes also contribute to the delicious taste. To  make a tasty Bograč, a lot of onions and fresh bell peppers (also  grounded red paprika) is required– the rest of the spices remain the  cook’s secret.

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