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Exquisite cured meat products from the Grabnar homestead in Miklavž near Tabor

As you climb the peaks of the Zasavje hills, a view of the entire Savinja Valley slowly unfolds. At the top of a small hill called Glink stands the Grabnar farm. Ancestors of the Grabnar family first lived here at the time of the cadastre of Francis I in 1825. They take pride in the knowledge and tradition passed from one generation to the next.

They pay special attention to the welfare of their animals, giving them home-produced feed with no maize or maize silage. Grazing is another of their priorities, since animals bred this way have better meat, which is further enhanced by being processed into cured meat products. These are made from recipes passed down the generations. The farm's natural drying room gives the cured meat a special flavour and higher quality.

A converted animal shed serves as a room for receiving guests and tasting the farm's products. An effort was made to preserve all the architectural features of the shed.


On your arrival you will first get some basic information about the farm and its history. If you wish you can walk around the pasture and watch the animals from up close. After a tour of the farm you will be taken to the processing facilities and shown the farm products.

On request, the farmer will show you how their sausages are made and you can join him on the job yourself. The sausage-making experience takes an hour.

The core part of the experience is a tasting of the Grabnars’ cured meat specialities, which vary from season to season. However, they will always offer you their flagship, the Grabnar salami, which has won several awards at the Dobrote slovenskih kmetij competition and regional salami ratings.

In these parts, people like to say 'Žalec is on fire' to refer to great thirst. To stop you from actually catching fire, you will be served their ancestors' traditional beverage, apple wine called 'toukuc' in dialect. Teetotallers will be offered home-made apple juice.

Only glad to keep their ancestors' knowledge from falling into oblivion, the Grabnars will welcome your visit and willingness to learn about their little secrets.

Recommended months for the tour: all year

Recommended time of arrival: by arrangement

Feasible group: from 10 to 50 persons

Experience duration: an hour and a half to three hours (depending on whether you choose the sausage-making demonstration)

  • 1. tour of the farm, tasting of cured meat products and spreads: EUR 6 per person
  • 2. tour of the farm, demonstration, making and tasting sausages: EUR 8 per person

You can find more information about the farm and local points of interest at

The hosts will be happy to cater to your needs and prepare other memorable experiences for your group. Your call and visit will be warmly received.



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Farm Laznik

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