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Dairy treats at the Sinkovič farm in Kozjansko

Recommended part of the culinary journey From the Alps to the Hills of Zagorje

Best time to visit: April to October

Recommended prior activities: the Visit of the vineyards at Mramor farm in Buče

Duration: three hours


At the heart of the protected landscape park Kozjanski regijski park, not far from the Terme Olimia spa, lies the Sinkovič farm in a pristine rural setting. The main activity here is dairy farming, whose tradition stretches back more than 40 years.

It is a medium-sized farm with ten hectares of farmland and about 30 head of Fleckvieh cattle. Each year, the farm produces 110,000 litres of milk from which they make a variety of dairy products.

The farm has a long tradition. Grandparents Mihael and Frančiška Sinkovič passed it on to Mihael and Katarina, who started intensive dairy farming in the 1970s.

In 2013, the farm started producing dairy products, which are sold at the farm and at Pekarna pod gradom bakery in Podčetrtek.

In order to ensure the highest possible quality of their milk, special attention is paid to the nutrition of the cattle. All basic feed is made at the farm, to which a supplementary feed mix is added for the best cows. The farm produces milk and other dairy products that do not contain genetically modified organisms, for which they have a certificate.

The cows have not been dehorned and produce manure which serves as a fertiliser in biodynamic farming and returns the life force to the earth.

The wholesome milk, to which nothing has been added or taken away, is used to make probiotic fruit and plain yoghurts, cottage cheese, spreads and young cheeses. The latter can be an independent meal and go very well with cold cuts and salads. They can also be fried.


After arriving, you will be taken on a walk to the meadow with cattle. You will be shown the barn where the animals are fed and milked.

From the meadows, the parish church of St. Peter can be seen to the south, in the middle of the village of Buče. Vineyards and wine cellars can be seen on the eastern slopes of the neighbouring Šmarsko-Virštanj wine-growing region, whilst the view to the south-east reveals the ancient pilgrim centre of Sveta gora at Bistrica ob Sotli.

Katja Sinkovič, the young holder of supplementary activity at the farm, will tell you about the different factors important for the well-being of the cattle. She will explain how quality products are made and show you the hay that is used to feed the cattle.

You will also be able to view the milking area through a window. Katja will invite you to make herbal and fruit-flavoured cottage cheese spreads and give you a few basic hints on how to make them.

After viewing the farm and dairy production, you will be invited to sample some of the dairy products, including plain and fruit yoghurts, various spreads, cottage cheese and curd (plain or flavoured with chives, walnuts, pepper or herbs), served with home-made bread and a glass of house wine.

Later, you can buy some of the dairy products and take home with you the best tastes of Buče.


Information and reservation:

Farm Sinkovič

Vrenska Gorca 4

3255 Buče


Tel: +386 (0)41 369 354

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