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A family weekend: festive dishes and relaxation in nature at the Lesjak farm below Golte

The Lesjak farm lies in Šmihel nad Mozirjem and is accessible by way of a forest road which ends at the farm, giving it an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion. The farm is an excellent starting point for excursions to the Upper Savinja Valley and

is home to grandparents Marija and Ivan, sons Lovro and Nikolaj, his wife Ema and their children Karlina, Ožbej and Matevž. Lovro is employed but the rest work on the farm, which uses traditional farming methods and avoids modern technology. They breed dairy cattle, produce milk and grow as much as possible for their own use. In summer, the whole family helps with the hay harvest. When the day is done, they return home to the shade of the 180-year-old linden tree and feast on sour milk, cold cuts and cider, locally known as tolkec. All of which you will be able to sample.

Day 1

Arrival at the Lesjak farm is in the afternoon. You will be welcomed with a shot of fruit brandy and taken to the linden tree, where you will be introduced to the family. After checking into one of the comfortable rooms, you will be taken on a tour of the farm. Children can play safely at the farm as there are no roads passing by whilst their parents delight in the beauty of the natural surroundings. With a bit of luck, you may catch a glimpse of the deer that regularly visit the meadows. From the farm, there is an excellent view of Sveti Križ, Uršlja gora and the Pohorje Massif. Before you retire to bed, your host Marija will serve a delicious dinner consisting of local dishes that are characteristic for this region.

Day 2


As you waken to the day's first light, you will be greeted by the song of birds in the orchard and the aroma of a breakfast – bread, butter, jam, cottage cheese, dried meats, honey, all made on the farm. After breakfast, you can go for a stroll.

Work begins after you get back from your walk. You will help Mama Marija knead the dough for potica cake, which she has been making for 30 years. Ivan will show you how to fire a bread oven. Lunch will be served while you wait for the dough to rise, after which you will prepare the filling – cottage cheese, walnut or tarragon. The kids can join in as well, rolling out and buttering the dough, wrapping it all up and making their own small potica. In the afternoon, you can take a walk to the edge of the forest and collect some herbs for tea. Golte, for those who would like to visit, is a 10-minute drive or a two-hour hike away.

After returning to the farm, you will sit down to a social dinner prepared by your hosts.

Day 3

If your kids are early risers, they can help milk and feed the cows in the barn. The rabbit, pigs, cat and dog also need to be fed. After that, they can help collect the eggs from the henhouse. After breakfast, you will again go to the kitchen, kneading dough for doughnuts, milk croissants, which are a perfect snack and loved by children, or bread. You may also choose to make štruklji (rolled dumplings) from filo pastry, which are considered locally as a festive food.

If you wish to rest on your last day, you may enjoy the peace and tranquility of the farm.

In the afternoon, you will make more festive foods to take home with you so that you may reminisce about your pleasant stay at the Lesjak farm and share you experiences with family and friends.

The programme runs throughout the year, except on weekends in the month of May. Minimum booking for six persons.



2 x half board

2 x lunch

ingredients for baking

The price is EUR 95 per person.

Free accommodation for children under 3

Half-price for children from 4 to 10


Information and reservation:

Tourist farm Lesjak

Šmihel nad Mozirjem 5

3330 Mozirje

+386 (0)3 5832 392, +386 (0)31 443 282

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