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Buckwheat štruklji with curd cheese and millet porridge – among the vineyards at the Gačnikov hram tourist farm

Recommended part of the culinary journey “Through the land of štruklji”   Recommended prior activities: Wine-growing, basket weaving and  distilling at the Kalšek-Podkrajšek farm in Žiče  The Gačnikov hram  tourist farm, which is situated in Klokočovnik on a hill with beautiful  views of vineyards and the Drava valley, is proud of its wide choice of  homemade culinary dishes, among them the house speciality is 'zidano  zelje' – a dish made from sauerkraut with minced meat, buckwheat or  barley, eggs, cream and herbs. Groups of up to 50 people can be catered  for and access is also possible by coach. The oldest vine in the  Dravinja valley can be seen, which, according to one among local  stories, was planted by monks who lived at the Žiče Carthusian  monastery. They were known as connoisseurs of wine, as well as being  skilled masters of the numerous vineyards in this beautiful province.  The housewife, Anica Levart, is an expert in preparing traditional  dishes, among them various types of štruklji (dumplings). Programme  After arrival and a welcome drink of homemade liqueurs and schnapps,  together with a short presentation of the farm, Anica will show you how  to prepare buckwheat štruklji filled with curd cheese and millet  porridge. This will be followed by lunch, prepared from home-produced  ingredients. Of course, the buckwheat štruklji, as described above and  served topped with pork crackling, will also be among the side dishes.   Wine, which complements the dishes, will be served with the main course  and dessert. After lunch, you can take a walk through the vineyard and  you will also be able to sample some of the excellent wines.    Recommended time of year: all-year Price of the three-hour experience  including demonstration of štruklji making, lunch, and two samples of  wine is 15 euros per person based on groups of 20 people or more.     Information and reservation:  Tourist farm Gačnikov hram  Draža vas 33   3215 Loče pri Poljčanah  +386 (0) 3 576 33 68, +386 (0) 41 355 736

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